ROLAND are back with new synths. Yes a keytar & a portable synth.

The keytar is the ROLAND AX EDGE. It features:

  • 49 keys
  • Over 100s of sounds & user tones
  • Effects (Reverb, Chorus etc)
  • Vocoder
  • Ribbon Controller
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Port
  • Mic & Headphone jacks
  • Black & White Models available 
At the time of writing this the keytar is around £879

The synth is the ROLAND DS76

  • 76 Keys
  • Lightweight (portable)
  • 8 track pattern sequencer
  • USB Audio/ DAW Control
  • 8 phrase pads
Ok, i will admit this not a brand new synth entirely. This is the 76 note version of the DS61 & DS88.

I'm sorry Roland but i am disappointed. I thought we have some completely brand new synths. 

Maybe next year? We'll have to see

Until next time


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