Again ROLAND are back with 3 new products to add to the boutique range:

  • TR-08 - If you are fan of drum machines I'm sure you've heard of the original TR-808 (Remember the raving days?lol) The original is still a classic to this day (and if in mint condition can fetch over £1000). I know that ROLAND have already released the AIRA TR-8 (which has the sounds etc of the TR808). It is bigger, more buttons etc. The TR-08 is smaller & looks a lot more portable, battery powered, built in speakers etc. (At the moment a rough guide for this is around £339). 
  • SH-01A- This is the boutique version of the classic synth SH-101. This version has 4 voice polyphony (original was monophonic), 64 patch memories , 100 step sequencer etc. (Again, rough price guide is around £339) 
I would like to try both of the new products. I'll be honest I still haven't tried any of ROLAND Boutique range. Ive seen them looking nice in a glass cabinet  a few (not to demo Don't worry maybe one day I will get demo the synths

Have you played any of ROLAND'S Boutique range? If so what do you think?

Until next time 


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