At work you may be used to background noise of people talking, tapping on computer keyboards etc etc, you may have music played in the background or you may work in complete silence.
Does background noise at all increase productivity? Well if you work where you are listening to music in the background & its ambient but you prefer metal music then your productivity could decrease. Its like if you are used to working in a large office with people talking etc & sometimes you work from home then you could miss the background noise. Others like to work whilst in  a coffee shop  & like having the chatter in the background.

These days there are a few apps that you can download the creates background noise.

I think that for most people background noise can increase productivity, it can change a persons mood & can help concentration. Get the background noise wrong & it could decrease productivity & also lose focus.

If possible if you like background noise then try out different sounds eg. Music, White Noise etc. One  website that you can try for free is Noisli. That has different background sounds eg, Rain, Coffee Shop, Seaside, Fireplace, Train etc

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