Hi!  Everyone,
This weeks FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK is the multi- talented musician, singer, songwriter JAYNA JENNINGS 

1.Please introduce yourself
             Hi! I’m Jayna Jennings, an Americana singer/songwriter from a small town north of Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs for 8 years, and I just released a new album called Courtyards & Aviaries, Pt. 2! My goal is to spread a message of hope to anyone who hears my music! 

2. How did you get into music?
             I started out singing in church with my cousins and my cousin Frances Mooney owned a music store and would have bluegrass bands come play shows on certain Saturdays. She let me come sing during intermission one night and I got up and sang 70’s commercial jingles and old folk songs. After that I learned how to play the autoharp and performed some Christmas songs with it at her store where I met my guitar teacher who helped me learn to set music to the songs I had written. After that I just started performing more and more and writing more and more songs and eventually made an EP and an album and just kept going from there!

3. What instruments do you play?
              I play guitar, piano, bass, autoharp, and a little bit of mandolin and banjo.

4. Who are your influences?
              I am so inspired by Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, The Band, The Avett Brothers, Carly Simon, and Otis Redding. There are so many musicians who have just rearranged the way that I think about music and these artists have shaped my sound, my art, my approach to music and life, and so much more in many ways. 

5. Tell us about your latest release
              My latest release is Courtyards & Aviaries, Pt. 2 and I am so excited about it. It was a huge learning curve for me in the writing process and I just really wanted to push myself and learn new things within that process. This is probably one of my most honest albums and I wrote more from experience than I ever have before. I wanted this album to move from one song to another like moving your finger across a map. It is very much a musical journey through realisations, lessons, emotional processing, and celebration of all of that at its core. 

6. What’s your songwriting process? 
              I am usually inspired by things that I hear, things that I see, or if I think something that I feel is poetic. All of those things usually end up in a song.

7. Which musician/ artist would you most like to collaborate with & why?
              There are so many that I am so amazed by so this is a hard question! I think I’d really love to perform/collaborate with Alison Krauss, Kelsea Ballerini, and David Crosby because he is an amazing guitarist.

8. If you were on a desert island what 3 musical gear would you take? 
              I would take a guitar, a piano, and my bass. If I can’t play my instruments I miss them so much. It’s like separation anxiety haha! Also, if I was allowed to take my phone, I have recording apps and stuff on my phone and with my guitar, piano, and bass I could record demos there and that would be awesome. 

9. Where can fans find your music (links etc)?
              You can find my new album anywhere you stream or download music, and at this link! https://smarturl.it/CandAPt.2

I would like to say a huge thank you to JAYNA JENNINGS foe taking part in this weeks 'Featured Artist of The Week' 😀😀😀😀

Until next time