Hi! Everyone, that's weeks FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK is the multi-talented singer-songwriter & musician MADISON MUELLER

1.Please introduce yourself

Hey there! I’m Madison Mueller, I’m a young singer/songwriter from Barrie, ON, Canada! I’ve been playing music for 13 years, and currently have 4 singles released that are getting radio play on FM and online stations all around the world - which is still crazy for me to write out! I am the 2018 winner of the Josie Award for Young Adult Female Artist of the Year, and I just recently took home the first ISSA International Female Rising Star of the Year award! 

2. How did you get into music?

As a kid I always enjoyed listening and dancing to music, and creating little songs of my own! My grandparents saw that I had an interest, and pushed for my parents to get me into piano lessons when I was 6. From there it spiralled into music consuming my whole life! 

3. What instruments do you play?

While piano was my first love, and I still would consider it my primary instrument, I have been playing a lot more guitar in the past few years. Those two instruments are what I accompany myself most with, but I also play the ukulele and I can keep a beat on the drums! 

4. Who are your influences?

I have way too many to list them all! I have a huge love for classic rock, and I’d say a lot of my first musical influences stem from there. I love Joni Mitchell, Queen, Supertramp, Billy Joel, Genesis, and so many others from that generation! Some of the more modern music that I really enjoy listening to includes: Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Sara Bareilles, twenty one pilots, and Maggie Rogers to name just a few! I could go on forever though!

5. Tell us about your latest release

My latest release is a song called “Exhale”. It came out November of last year, and it’s probably my favourite song lyrically that I’ve put out. It holds a lot of emotion, and depicts a good story of two points in my life. The verses were written at a low point for myself, where I just wanted to get away from all the changes that were happening in my life. I revisited the song months later with a much better frame of mind, and wrote the chorus, which talks about letting go of the issues I was facing, and just taking a breath and releasing! It’s hard to remember to take a step back from the hardships you’re dealing with, but you end up with a much better outlook on the issue - that’s what “Exhale” is really explaining. 

6. Whats your songwriting process? 

I don’t have a specific process to writing. I tend to write a lot of half songs and then get bored and find myself writing a new song which is not always my best trait. I always revisit a song that I felt good about  though, and a lot of them do end up complete. Depending on the song, I tend to write all of it together - words, melody and music all at once. However, sometimes I will just be playing around on the guitar or piano and find a really nice melody that slowly forms into a song. I love when that happens, usually inspires a pretty good song in my experience! 

7. Which musician/ artist would you most like to collaborate with & why?

Currently I think I would collaborate very well with Maggie Rogers. I have been loving her sound, and her overall onstage presence and I feel like I could learn a lot from working with her in any way! I also think we would get along really well, she’s got a really good attitude and her songwriting is just as fantastic! 
On the only hand, my classic rock heart would love to work with Roger Hodgson from Supertramp! His knowledge and talent would blow me away, and I feel like just a small amount of time with him would improve my skills massively! 

8. If you were on a desert island what 3 musical gear would you take? 

Tough choice... I feel like the most important would be a guitar for its ability to be super portable. I’m assuming this is just a desert island, not a deserted island so eventually I’ll be saved... in that case I would also bring a white grand piano and probably a kick drum because I’m always a sucker for a heartbeat in a song! 
However if I’m deserted on an island I’d bring the best battery powered amp I could find, a microphone and probably a radio! Have to have a rescue plan of some sort and I feel like those three things could help facilitate that! I’d get too distracted to save myself if I were to bring an instrument! 

9. Where can fans find your music (links etc)?

Fans can find my music on any streaming site they can think of! Here’s my links to Spotify and AppleMusic:

They can keep in touch with everything that I’m doing on my social medias:
Facebook: @maddiemakesmusic77
Instagram: @maddiemakesmusic
Twitter: @_maddiemueller_ 

I would like to say a huge thank you to MADISON MUELLER for taking part in this weeks FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK 😀😀