YAMAHA are back with a new workstation & new name. Is this to replace the Tyros? The Tyros series has been going for a few years now. I think its good that Yamaha haven't just released another updated version of the Tyros & called it Tyros 6.
The design looks a lot better on the Genos. With a 9" touch screen, assignable knobs & faders, 76 Keys etc.
This workstation looks like its for all musicians, songwriters, can be used in the studio or for stage etc.
Features include:

  • Around 1700 sounds
  • 550 backing patterns
  • 216 Arpeggios
  • 16 Track Sequencer
  • 6 knobs & 9 sliders (For Live Control)
  • DSP Effects
  • 32 Bit Audio converter
  • Vocal Harmony
  • Synth Vocoder
  • Multi pads
Would I like to try this workstation? Oh Ive played the Tyros a few times. It did seem a bit to much button pushing. I completely welcome the new touchscreen. I think it will make things a lot easier for musicians etc.

An approx price for the Yamaha Genos Synth & Yamaha Genos  Speakers is around £4500. (You can purchase the synth without the speakers for around £4250)

It looks a good workstation

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