IK MULTIMEDIA are back with a brand Drum VST. Now I know there are a few very good drum VSTS available eg. Toontrack EZ Drummer, FXpansion BFD, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums etc.  I think IK MULTIMEDIA has taken physically modelling to a new level.

It has taken around 11 years for IK MULTIMEDIA to research & develop this VST. You might think that is a long time. When I tell you the features of MODO DRUM you may understand why.

So to start with like the other DRUM VSTS you can change the type of Kick Drum, Snare drum etc, have effects, mixer etc. MODO DRUM goes a step further.

Not only can you change the drum, but you can also change the dimension, material, skin etc, of the drum.
Kick drum you can change the beater (felt, plastic or wood)
With a snare you can also change the type & tension etc.
You can also control the way the 'drummer' plays each drum, choose which sticks, room selection & effects.

It also comes with around 1400 grooves.

You get 10 fully customizable drum kits.

I really like the idea of these drums, a lot more choice of customising your own kit.

So if you are looking for a new Drum VST & like the idea of creating your own drums  I would  recommend maybe having a look at MODO DRUM.

At the time of writing this you can pre order MODO DRUM from the IK Multimedia website.

Modo Drum is due for release around August 2019

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