I think music can help in all different situations. Music at time can help you relax, focus etc.
A few months ago I started to learn to drive again (after 20 years).  Getting into a driving seat for the for the very first time or after a long time, I think can make you feel nervous. Yes, I was quite nervous after all these years.
Im sure a lot of drivers listen to music whilst they are driving.
As I am a learner driver I don't listen to music whilst driving. As I love music & helps me relax I'm wondering if to would help me be less nervous or would it be a distraction?
I think listening to music whilst driving is ok providing it's not a distraction for you. Listening to very loud music whilst driving, now that could be a bit of a distraction.

Do you drive whilst listening to music? If so what music do you like listening to?

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