Yes, its that time of year again, MUSIKMESSE 2018 was back with more new products. So what did MUSIKMESSE 2018 have in store this year then?

Heres a few products which were announced:

  • CLAVIA NORD PIANO 4-  Now in its fourth generation, you get expanded polyphony (120 voices), Layer & split with split point cross fades, seamless transitions etc
  • STEINBERG UR-RT USB AUDIO INTERFACES- Steinberg have collaborated with Rupert Neve to create this audio interfaces. There will be 2, UR-RT 2 & UR-RT 4. The interfaces use Rupert Neve transformers
  • EXODUS DIGITAL VALKYRIE SYNTH- Its new synth alert! 128 voice polyphony, 1280 oscillators, 4096 waves etc
  • CASIO CT X5000 & CT3000- These are 2 arranger keyboards. Both have built in speakers, touch sensitive keys, accompaniment styles etc
  • SSL AWS DELTA- Looks an awesome mixer (Around £60,000, It's certainly not
  • KLANG TECHNOLOGIES 3D IN-EAR MIXING - Check out the sound demo on Klang Technologies website
Plus many more

I have to say I'm interested in the Exodus Valkyrie synth, certainly would like to try it out & wouldn't mind trying the SSL AWS DELTA mixer

Until next time


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