As some of you may or not be aware, I'm a fan of synthesisers (hardware & software). At the start of every year I say the same thing to myself "I do NOT need anymore synths, I've got enough" Well, that lasts all of 5 mins before I see a soft or hardware synth that I think "ooooooo I think I need to try that. That could be good".  Next thing I know, if its a software synth & its compatible with my pc I will download it & demo it. I'll be honest I've tried quite a few software synths in the past. The real problems starts when I start using a demo synth on a song I'm currently working on & think "oooooooo I like this synth.Yes this synth really works for this song". But, I have to ask my myself the question "Do I really need this synth"? The answer is probably no.

Can you ever have too many synths (either hardware or software)? Why do I feel the need to want more synths?

Yes, they're a few hardware synths I would like to try (that have been released the past year or so. e.g. The Roland Boutique range is looking good &. I think I need to try it, just to see if I need any of the synths or drums machines😉😉 Realistically I probably don't need any of Anyway, where would I put them? Ive not really got the room.lololol)

I will confess I'm the same with plugins (I've got EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Delay etc)

Will I buy anymore synths in the future? Yes, I probably will. I can't resist😂😂

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