NOW 100?

I remember back in 1990 (aged around 9 or 10) being at a friends house & borrowing the cassette of NOW 18.  (I would then go on to purchase the cassette not long after). At etc time I thought this was a great compilation album (Stepping back in time with Kylie Minogue, Holding on with Wilson Phillips etc)
I went on to collect NOW 18- NOW 24 on cassette (which I think I still have these)
I got NOW 25-NOW 26 on CD (after that I didn't purchase them as much)

Along the way we've not just had the numbered NOW albums, we've had: NOW DANCE, NOW CLUB HITS, NOW CHRISTMAS, NOW FITNESS, NOW RUNNING, NOW JAZZ, NOW REMIX etc

Here are some facts:

  • The biggest selling NOW album was NOW 44 released in November 1999. It was released on CD, Minidisc & cassette (I still have the CD today)

  • NOW 43- NOW 48 were available on minidiscs
  • NOW 64 was the last NOW album to be released on Cassette (2006)
  • NOW 62 was the first NOW album to be released as digital download (2005)
  • As well as the UK, the NOW brand sells in around 30 other countries

Anyway, its now 2018 & we are on NOW 100. The album is due for release around the end of July 2018. To celebrate the 100th album, live events are being planned. 

Im sure the NOW brand will continue into the future & maybe another 100 albums? 

Until next time


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