These days there are a lot of musical instruments around. Here are some that you might not have heard of:

  • HYPERBASS FLUTE- Extremely rare flute, 15 Metres of piping, 4 octaves below the concert flute
  • SHARPSICHORD- Gargantuan pin-barrel harp, consists of 11 cylinders & pins strike the internal strings when they rotate
  • SEA ORGAN- This is in Zadar, Croatia. Tubes are underneath the marble steps, as the waves crash it creates music
  • CELLO HORN- This was first announced in 1936. The sound comes out of the horn by bowing the strings 
  • SINGING RINGING TREE- If you have been to Burnley, Lancashire you may of seen this musical instrument sculpture. It was introduced in 2006 & is made by a series of pipes which creates sound when the wind blows through them
  • CHEESE DRUMS- Yes really! lol
  • HYDRLAUPHONE- Underwater flute meets pipe organ? 
Yes there are other strange instruments about too

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