Yes, it's that time of year again. More new music gear for summer.
So what did Summer Namm have in store for us this year?

Here's a few that were mentioned:

  • CASIO- The Casiotone is back for beginners. Originally released in the 80s. This is a portable keyboard. Built in sounds, rhythms, 50 patterns in dance music mode etc
  • LINE 6 SPIDER V MKII- The amp comes in around 5 different models. If you are a fan pf Line 6 amps then these amps could be worth looking at
  • IK MULTIMEDIA ILOUD MTM STUDIO MONITOR- These monitors are the ILOUD MICRO 's older sibling
  • EVENTIDE BLACKHOLE, ULTRATAP & MICROPITCH FOR IOS- I think more & more music brands are re-creating some of their plugins, hardware etc to iOS format. I think that this is a good idea. Some musicians nowadays do use the iPad etc to crate, mix music etc
  • PRESONUS STUDIOLIVE 64S- 64 channel mixing desk, 43 mix buses, plugins, control your mixes via an iPad, iPhone & Android devices. this looks one very powerful mixer. It can be used for studio or stage, with or without a computer.If you are looking for a mixing desk with lots of channels, then I would recommend maybe looking at this

There were also quite a few new guitars mentioned etc: FENDER, CHARVEL, JACKSON, GRETSCH etc

Until next time


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