SUPERBOOTH 2018 was back. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go.  For synth loving fans this looked liked the  place to be for new synthesiser announcements.

So what did SUPERBOOTH 2018 have in store for us?

Here's a few synths that were mentioned:

  • DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS SEQUENTIAL PROPHET X- This looks like a very powerful synth (Possibly available in Summer 2018, Rough price at the moment $3999)
  • IK MULTIMEDIA UNO SYNTH- This is portable analogue mono synth. Looks a good price at under $200
  • ROLAND- Roland are adding 4 new modules to the system 500 (All in Eurorack format)
  • BEHRINGER- Good ole Behringer came back with some new emulations of classic synths:PRO-ONE (Sequential Circuits Pro One Clone), VOCODER VC340 (Roland VP-330), ARP (Odyessey)
  • KORG-  Looks like you can now customise your PROLOGUE synth

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Yes I would like to try some of these synths sometime 😃😃

Until next time


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