As some of you may or may not know I love music technology. Recently I purchased a second hand  8 channel DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with motorised faders for good 'ole' Cubase. The idea is using this controller to mix audio with would make life a easier than clicking & using the mouse all the time.
I was looking forward to using this controller because I've never had a controller with motorised faders or a proper control surface before.
I did know when I bought the item that 1 of the faders needed to be looked at (it wasn't working properly, which I didn't mind too much)
The controller arrived & I faffed about trying to set it up. (The manual was as much use as a tortoise with airbrakes). I did mange eventually to set it up with the right drivers, firmware etc (Thankyou youtube)
Once I had set everything up I noticed another fader was not exactly doing what its suppose to. Hmmmmmmm! I thought maybe calibrating the faders, resetting them etc hopefully would solve the problem. I tried this a few times. No, it didn't really solve anything.
Not long after a third fader decides to start making like a grinding sound. (Thats not what is suppose to do). Yes, motorised faders usually make a noise (not like this).
So I thought, time to get the controller repaired.
First thoughts (how much is this going cost?) I managed to find a company who can send it to someone who is authorised to repair it. (Unfortunately, no-one in the UK)
So, the controller has had to packs its bags & head off on its holiday, first stop London, then onto Germany. (Hopefully it will enjoy its holiday for a few weeks, getting repaired etc)

Its a shame that the poor controller has problems with its faders, hopefully when it comes back it will be working back to normal again.

I will say though I do really like this controller (when its working properly) & do think that DAW controllers are a good idea (I know that at times things go wrong & need repairing).

Would I recommend a DAW controller? Yes I would, make sure you research what exactly what you want & your budget.

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