Recently I purchased a new digital piano (Roland), I have to say I really like it. One of the reasons I chose it was because it featured bluetooth & so therefore could connect to the another bluetooth device wirelessly. I know bluetooth is not new technology. Bluetooth speakers have been around a few years now. A few midi controllers also have been around a year or so with bluetooth.
I think its great that more instruments are getting bluetooth e.g, pianos etc
ROLAND seem to be the brand that is embracing bluetooth more on their instruments. Yes, midi in/out is still used, but I think USB is getting more popular.
It would be great, I think if synthesisers had bluetooth build in.
Also imagine if you could connect your guitar, keyboard etc via bluetooth to your sound card & computer & record with no cables. (Although I do believe that you can connect a bluetooth keyboard to Logic/ cubase etc wirelessly now. I think it has been done). Hmmmm! Maybe one day.
If your a musician probably know what its like with cables, lol (Yes, I have a box with cables in, but never the cable you need, typical, lol)

Is there a future for bluetooth with musicians? Yes, I think there is

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