Yes, it's that time of year again, NAMM 2020. So what did NAMM 2020 have in store for us this year. Here's a few music products that were mentioned:
  • ROLAND GPX-F1 FACET GRAND PIANO - This piano has a futuristic design. Tis could be an inspiration for digital pianos in the future. However, ROLAND will not be releasing this piano commercially
  • LIVEN 8 BIT WARPS MEMORY SYNTHESIZER- This is a portable synth that can be used for live & in the studio. It can create 8 bit retro game sounds. Can also be used for other genres of music as well. 27 Keys, Midi IN/OUT, Built in Speaker, 128 patch memory, 64 step sequencer etc
  • KORG ARP 2600 FS- Yes, it's a recreation of the famous ARP 2600 synth, supervised by co-founder of ARP instruments David Friend. This will be a single run of Limited Edition synths. Price around €3999
  • KORG MS 20 FS- This is the latest version of the  'classic' synth MS20 Full Size. The MS 20 was brought back in 2013 as a mini version.
  • UAD LUNA- This seems like a analogue recording production system. It comes with a DAW, Neve summing & virtual instruments etc
  • NORD WAVE 2- 4 part performance synthesiser 
  • PRESONUS QUANTUM 2626- Thunderbolt 3 audio interface. 26 inputs/ outputs
  • SSL 2 & 2+ - A 2 in/out audio interface, desktop 
  • TASCAM MODEL 12- This is a 10 input mixer with a 12 track digital recorder & a USB interface. Also bluetooth, DAW controller, Preamps etc. (Approx Price £569)
  • NEKTAR AURA- This is a beat composer, with 16 pads, 8 rotary knobs & a sequencer. It also comes with DAW integration (Available around Spring, Approx £299)
  • ROSSUM ELECTRO 35th ANNIVERSARY SP-1200- 35 years ago the EMU SP-1200 sampler/ drum machine was released. This is the new version. (price around $7,500)
  • PRESONUS IOSTATION 24c- This is an audio interface/ DAW controller. It comes with PRESONUS STUDIO ARTIST ONE
Winter Namm 2020 saw a few interesting products launched

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