Artist Name:
Earl of Malady Crescent / Neil Harris

When did your interest in synths start?:
I'm interested in Keyboards in general really. I started on beginners Keyboards, (with built in beats and accompaniments, etc). That possibly goes back to when I was 5. I'm not sure on the correct age.

What was your first synth?:
My first actual SYNTH is the Korg N5. But I've owned quite a few Keyboards before that. My first one with full sized keys was the Yamaha PSR-??. (I can't remember which model it was). I've only played it once since around 1994.

What synths do you have?:
Not all of these are Synths, but I have these:
Korg N5, Roland W-30, Roland SH-201, Casio CZ-3000 and Akai S3000XL (sound module).
Instruments I've had in the past:
Casio CT-670, Yamaha EL7 (Organ), Yamaha DD12 (Drum Machine), Yamaha PSR-??.

Do you have a favourite synth artist? If so, who?:
Jean Michel Jarre.

Which is your favourite synth & why?:
Korg N5. It has a massive library of sounds and I find it very user friendly. It also features after touch, which I think is very useful, particularly when playing two Keyboards at the same time.

What synth would you like to add to your synth collection?:
Something from Dexibell. That company specialises in Electric Pianos and their Piano sounds are JUST like the real thing.
Something from Nord would be a great addition as well.

If you could take one synth on a desert island, which one would you take & why?:
Well...a desert island isn't likely to have any electric sockets anywhere, to plug a Synth in to, so I don't see the point in taking ANY Synth there! Maybe I'll take my Melodica and my Glockenspiel!

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