Artist Name:

When did your interest in synths start?:
I had my first keyboard when I was around 8 or 9

What synths do you have?:
Roland JP-8000
Korg MS2000
Novation Mininova

Do you have a favourite synth artist? If so, who?:
I like Jean- Michel Jarre

Which is your favourite synth & why?:
In my collection the Mininova

What synth would you like to add to your synth collection?:
I like the Roland JD-XI, its a great little portable synth. I also like some of the Roland Boutique Range too. Maybe a Moog as well

If you could take one synth on a desert island, which one would you take & why?:
I would probably take the Novation Mininova. Its a very light portable synth, good sounds on it