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Any questions please feel free to contact me
Please send files by wetransfer



Any song, album or ep etc that is submitted is the sole property of the owner & WILL NOT be shared with anyone 

All personal details (name, email address etc) will also NOT be shared with anyone


  • All tracks/ multitracks must be ready for mixing (Please state the tempo of song)
  • Tracks need to tuned & all in time
  • Every track needs to be clearly labelled (including whether they are Mono or Stereo. Stereo tracks will be counted as 2 Mono tracks)
  • All tracks need to be bounced from the start of the song  (Bar 1) to the end of the song.
  • Tracks must be the same duration, bit depth & sample rate.
  • Every tracks are to be supplied Dry . (However, if you have a track that does have a specific sound. eg. Guitar with delays. Please provide 2 versions of the track. One with the effect/s & one dry. This will not add to your track count)
  • Please ensure all your tracks allow plenty of headroom (NO Clipping or Distortion, as this cannot be removed during mixing)
  • All faders when bouncing down set 0
  • I cannot accept DAW sessions (eg, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools etc. Only Audio files will be accepted)
  • I accept Wav files at  44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96kHz, 16 or 24 bit (Not MP3's)
  • Please do not normalise any of the tracks
  • I request NO effects on the master output (e.g No limiters etc)
  • Please make sure all the tracks are comped
  • Make sure you crossfade any comped audio so there are no pops or clicks
  • Please bounce all midi to audio
  • When submitting files please make ensure you have included ALL files/ tracks etc
  • Please put all tracks in folder. The folder must be clearly labelled with Band/ Artist name & song title
  • If you have idea's about your mix please feel free to email me (Clearly naming the tracks & your ideas)
  • If you have a rough mix please send an audio file of that too
  • When tracks are bounced down please make sure all tracks are Centre panned
  • All files must not exceed 2GB (If all the files do exceed  2GB please send them in consecutive batches)
  • All currency is accepted
  • Any questions or problems please use the contact form. Click here
  • Please keep a backup of all your files that you send & make a copy of project file 


  • All tracks must be ready for mastering 
  • Please state the tempo of the song
  • All tracks need to be clearly labelled
  • Please remove or bypass any plugins from the masterbus
  • Please leave between -3 to -6db of headroom
  • Please export your mix as a wav file (NOT MP3) using the same sample rate as the session you are exporting from
  • I accept wav files 16-24bits, 44.1 & 48 kHz sample rate
  • Please keep a backup of all your files
  • Please send via 
  • Any questions please feel free to contact me